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If you’re using RhizoStands, you need a RhizoSystem Brain Controller. – It gathers and pumps all run-off into a waste bucket or drain for you.

You can connect up to 6 lines, and up to 72 stands to each controller.

Run-off drained from all RhizoStands gathers in your Brain Controller. Once your Brain is full, it automatically empties waste to a drain or bucket (via a pump).

You won’t need a timer for your pump – emptying is triggered by a reliable float switch. Just make sure you keep your pump plugged in.

• Automatically empties
• Reliable magnetic float switch (to trigger emptying)
• Maxi-Jet 1000 pump – removes up to of 1000L per hour
• 6 inlet pipes – connect up to 6 lines of stands
• Blanking caps included for unused inlets (no leaks)
• Connect up to 72 stands in total


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