The WATER PUMP AQUA ONE MAXI 106 is a powerful and reliable water pump designed to provide efficient and reliable water circulation in aquariums and ponds. It features a powerful motor, adjustable flow rate, and a low-noise operation, making it ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Its unique design allows for easy installation and maintenance, while its energy-saving design ensures maximum efficiency. With its adjustable flow rate, it can be used to create a variety of water flow patterns, making it perfect for creating a unique and beautiful aquarium environment.

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Aqua One Maxi 106 Powerhead Water Pump

  • Purpose: The Maxi 106 is designed to enhance water circulation in the tank, ensuring that debris is picked up by the filter rather than settling at the bottom, which can adversely affect water parameters.
  • Features & Benefits:
    • Versatility: Suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.
    • Submersible Design: The pump is completely submersible, ensuring optimal performance.
    • Variable Flow Control: Allows users to adjust the water flow rate to suit the specific needs of their aquarium.
    • Quiet Operation: Designed to operate with minimal noise.
    • Durability: Built with high-quality materials to ensure a long operational life.
    • Eco-friendly: Designed with environmental considerations in mind.
    • Warranty: Comes with a 2 + 1-year Australian guarantee.
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Flow Rate: 3000lph, ensuring effective circulation for larger aquariums.
    • Max Head Height: 3.5M, indicating the maximum height the pump can raise water.
    • Outlet Size: 19mm, a standard size that’s compatible with various aquarium setups.
    • Power: 80W, offering efficient performance without excessive electricity consumption.
    • Voltage: 240V / 50Hz.
    • Cable Length: 1.8m, providing flexibility in positioning the pump within the aquarium setup.
    • For Aquariums up to: 750L
  • Usage Recommendations: Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the pump and checking for obstructions, will ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of the Maxi 106.


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