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1 x 630W CMH Ballast (Dimmable)

1 x DE CMH Reflector Shade

1 x 630W 3000K DE CMH Lamp

1 x Pair Sol-Lifters (Ratchet Hangers)

1 x Pair CMH Growroom Glasses

1 x IR Remote Control

1 x 2.4m Power Cord

1 x 4.8m Shade To Ballast Extension Cord

• The Sol-Sense 630W CMH Kit integrates a patented lamp preservation mechanism designed to reduce lamp stress, improve operational safety and extend the lamp life-span.

• The 630W CMH Kit includes an infrared remote control dimmer function that allows you to control the output of multiple ballasts simultaneously. The remote control dimmer also incorporates standby memory allowing pre-settings to resume once the light turns on.

• The dimmer can be set at 0W(Off), 300W, 400W, 630W and PAR plus 700W (power indicates lamp output). The output dimmer will enable the CMH lamp to operate as a propagation light, vegetation light and flowering light all in one.

• The 630W CMH Lamp is powered by a low frequency square wave ballast that reduces total harmonic distortion by 5-10% when compared with conventional high frequency waveforms.


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