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Canna Terra Professional Soil [50L bags]
Canna Terra Professional is a fantastic medium which offers many advantages to the gardener and his plants. The substrate is composed of selected high quality peat types. Furthermore perlite is added to improve the air-moisture balance. The production is held under strict quality control so we can guarantee the quality of this product.

Canna Terra Professional is a 100% natural organic product, free of harmful viruses and low on weed seeds or other microorganisms. Canna Terra Professional has a complex air / water system creating the ideal circumstance for almost any form of cultivation. After use, Canna Terra Professional is a very suitable soil conditioner.

Canna Terra Professional is a lightly pre-fertilised medium and has the strictest standards of the RHP quality. Terra Potting Soil differs from other soil substrates by its first class raw material, fine structure and purity.

Canna Terra Watering Instructions
Canna Terra substrate is both suitable for upper water supply systems (brush and sprinkler systems) as far below water supply systems like ebb / food and flow systems).

The watering should be aligned to the needs of the plant depending on the pot size, growing conditions and growth stage of the plant. Under normal circumstances, rapidly growing adult plants evaporate 4-6 items of water per day per m³.

For larger plants, use pots of at least five litres: the bigger the pot the more constant the root environment. Provide adequate drainage, possibly put a layer of hydro granules on the bottom to provide air and drainage.

This is a substrate for rapidly growing vegetable, herbaceous, fruit bearing and flowering plants.

Benefits of Canna Terra Professional
Exclusive, high value organic ingredients such as airy peat moss free from diseases. Substandard potting mixes from Malaysia or Indonesia will often contain fly and bug larvae ready to hatch in your pots.
Ingredients also promote exceptional root development and the formation of thicker stems
Higher yields. Faster metabolism combined with low sickness rates ensure an increased production

Directions for Watering Canna Terra Professional
Depending on the size of the pot, growing conditions and the plant’s growth stage, adjust the amount of water given to the needs of the plant in question.
Under normal conditions, a large adult plant evaporates 4-6 litres of moisture a day, per m2.
For larger plants, use 5 litre pots or larger. The larger the pot, the more constant the root environment will be.

How to Use Canna Terra Professional
Loosen the Canna Terra Professional before filling the pot. Airly fill up the pots until a small pile occurs. Press the pile towards the rim of the pot using the plant. Add water (pH 6.0) until some drainage occurs. Possibly add Canna Rhizotonic or another root enhancer to improve root growth.

Water with nutrient solution after the initial drought. Please use Canna Terra Professional with the appropriate fertilizer such as Canna Terra Vega and Canna Terra Flores to invest in quality and security!

If you use run-to-waste, make sure that there’s sufficient drainage; you may want to place a thin layer of hydro-granules in the bottom of the pot for air and drainage. Canna Terra Professional is a product that is homogenous in structure, natural and free of harmful viruses and soil diseases. Canna Terra has a complex water / air system that creates conditions ideal for virtually every form of cultivation. After use, Canna Terra makes an excellent potting mix improver. Canna Terra Professional’s plastic packaging material is 100% recyclable.


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