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Eazy Plug has, with its organic materials and special way of bonding, a predetermined pH
and EC value and a fixed air-to-water ratio. The Eazy Plug is very easy to use. Just make
sure that the plug always can drain the excess water and you cannot over water it. Because
the growing conditions are always optimal, the Eazy Plug creates a very fast and powerful
rooting and germination.
The Eazy Plug will always remain firmly bonded together as a whole. This minimizes the risk
on root damage during sorting, transplanting or replanting, thus preventing the plant from
The Eazy Plug is supplied dried, making it clean and lightweight, with limitless shelf life and
no risk of molds. It takes water back up very easily and quickly, retaining all of its former

RHP Certified
Almost impossible to over-water
Easily re-hydrated if required
Easy to use plant starter cubes
Made from organic materials
Fully compostable & biodegradable
For all different types of cuttings and seeds
Amazingly fast and vigorous rooting
Perfect air to water ratio
Easy and safe plant transfer into rockwool, coco, perlite etc.


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