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Gavita enhanced lamps are the grower’s choice for stability, light output and light maintenance. Change your lamps only once a year with these high quality lamps, that have a light maintenance of over 96% per year.

Gavita Enhanced 400w HPS Bulb Specifications:
Brand: Gavita
Type: Enhanced spectrum HPS lamp
Power: 600 Watt
Lamp base: E40
Lumens: 56500
Growlight (µMol): 710
Light maintenance 1 year (5000 hours): >96%
Voltage: 230
Developed for Electronic Ballast
How the Gavita 400W Enhanced HPS Lamp for Digital Ballasts works:
The Gavita 400W Enhanced HPS lamp for Digital ballasts (Can Also Be Used With Traditional Magnetic Ballasts) is an enhanced spectrum lamp with a high 56,500 lumens output. It has been designed specifically to make the most of the power produced by digital ballasts. Digital ballasts run at a very high frequency – usually between 28 and 110 KHz.
This frequency can cause an acoustic resonance in the arc tube and cause the wire support frame to bend or distort.

In the Gavita Enhanced lamp, the arc-tube has been chosen to produce the best light output characteristic when run at high frequency and the wire frame has been re-inforced to ensure that it doesn’t bend or distort. The HPS lamp produces light mostly in the orange/red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering but also produces some blue to make it also suitable for the vegetative growth stage.


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