1.0M X 1.0M X 2.0M SEA HAWK TENT


1.0M X 1.0M X 2.0M SEA HAWK TENT

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Designed ‘smart’ using all the best features in one economical package.

Made from 100% light-proof thick ADF reflective material.

The ADF material has a fine ‘diamond like’ surface structure that not only diffuses the light in a multi directional manner, but also assists with heat transmission

1 x 1 x 2m

Width 1 metre
Depth 1 metre
Height 2 metres
Outlets / Inlets 2 x 150mm
Cool Tube Ports No
Doors 1
Access Windows 1
Viewing Windows Yes
Passive Vent Windows 3
Hanging Bars 3
Hanging Straps 4
Accessory Pouch

Power Cord Ports



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