Hi-Par Dynamic E40 600w Control Kit


Hi-Par Dynamic E40 600w Control Kit

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Our most successful 600w kit! The Hi-Par 600w Dynamic E40 Control Kit contains everything you need for powerful plant development! The backbone of this kit is the 600w 400v (EL) Digital Ballast, operating a European 600w 400v EL Horticultural HPS Lamp! Housed in our new release Dynamic E40 (Single-Ended) Adjustable Reflector, this is a truly adaptable kit!

The ballast can be mounted onto the reflector, or run remotely outside of the production area. The Dynamic reflector also allows you to adjust the ventilation for greater heat management and consistent light output footprint. Our selection of EL (400v) lamps ensures that these kits are the most powerful SE kits currently available to horticultural enthusiasts or commercial facilities!

E40 600w lamps are ideal for 2m tent height.
Each fixture will roughly cover 1m2 to 1.2m2

​EL (400v) lamps are proven to be more efficient than traditional 240v technology
Engineered using premium components for maximum power!

Smart/Soft-Ignition software for improved lamp longevity
Our most effective SE HID fixture, ever engineered!

600w 400v (EL) HPS
PPFD: 1057.77 average μmol m-2 s-1 (Tested @ 60cm canopy height)
CRI: > 35%
Kelvin: 2000k
THD: <10% Lamp Life: >90% @ 10,000 hrs
Input 220-240v (50/60Hz)
Imax 3.0A
PF >0.99 / CF <1.6 12-Month limited warranty BOX CONTENTS: 1 x HI-PAR 600w 400v (EL) Digital Ballast 1 x HI-PAR DYNAMIC E40 Reflector 1 x 600w E40 400v (EL) Euro Horticultural lamp 1 x HI-PAR 4.5m Extension cord 2 x HI-PAR Ratchet Ties


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