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This small trimmer is geared to small-medium sized projects. Used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots and for the preparation of plants/herbs for essential oils, for the mixture of flower petals for aromatherapy and potpourris etc. The simple design with no electric parts makes this unit virtually unbreakable.

The Trimmer’s bowls are made of Medical & Food Grade #316 Stainless steel and all rubber pieces are made of the highest quality Food grade rubber.


Size: 16” or 41cm (Diameter) x 40cm (H)
Trimming and clean-up are easy with quick release and removable grill
Manual design means no electricity use, great portability, save on power bills
Trim your harvest in less time and save money on payroll
Sharpen-free blade
Disassembles easy for transport or storage. Great Portable size
Works well with flowers and countless varieties of herbs
See through clear lid design


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