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The Max-Fan Pro Series is the newest generation fan on the market. This powerful fan is equipped with our patented 3D rotor-stator system. The design makes this fan easy to control, compact and easy to install. Perfect if you’re looking for a worry free fan. The Max-Fan Pro Series is available with a 2 and 3 speed switch.

The new Max-Fan Pro Series – the second generation of Max-Fan – is a diagonal fan, using the 3D rotor-stator system, which has been improved to be more efficient and more silent. The design of the fan makes it very compact and easy to use, as the ventilation duct adapter is integrated into the mounting brackets. You just have to mount the adapter first and then fasten the fan with two screws.

Due to the speed switch, the Max-Fan Pro Series is the most inexpensive version to regulate air performance manually. The entire range meets the mandatory ErP requirements for all EU marketed fans. For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Max-Fan Pro Series together with Can Filters.

New generation of rotor-stator system
Powerful airflow with speed control integrated
Compact and easy to mount
Rotor-stator uniform airflow
Integrated 2 speed switch
Elegant and robust plastic housing
The best 3D rotor – stator system
Easy to clean by removing the brackets


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