U Turn 1 L PGR


The U Turn 1 L PGR is a powerful and efficient lawn mower that is designed to make mowing your lawn easier and more efficient. It features a powerful 1.5 HP engine, a large cutting width of up to 28 inches, and a 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge system. It also has a unique zero-turn radius design that allows for tight turns and maneuverability in tight spaces. The U Turn 1 L PGR is perfect for those looking for a powerful and efficient lawn mower that can handle any job.

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The U-Turn 1L is a plant growth regulator (PGR) designed to control the growth of container-grown plants. Here’s a detailed description:

U-Turn 1L PGR

  • Purpose: U-Turn is formulated to control the upward growth of plants, particularly during the early flowering stage. By controlling the height, the plant’s energy is redirected towards producing flowers.
  • Usage Directions:
    • It’s recommended to use U-Turn in the first 2 weeks of the flowering stage.
    • When satisfied with the height of the plants, apply U-Turn at a rate of 3ml per liter to halt the stretching.
  • Benefits:
    • Controlled Growth: Helps in managing the height of plants, especially in indoor or limited space environments.
    • Enhanced Flower Production: By limiting upward growth, the plant’s energy is channeled into flower production.
    • APVMA Approved: The product has received approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), ensuring its safety and efficacy.
  • Volume: The product is available in a 1L bottle, but other sizes might also be available.
  • Note: It’s essential to follow the recommended usage instructions to ensure the safety and health of the plants.


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